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Animal Hospital is often Kevin alone constructing music from scratch w/ an array of sounds containing enough parts to employ - at times - many musicians referencing many familiar aspects of rock and pop as well as more conceptual perceptions of what people consider music. As of 2011, Animal Hospital has explored new avenues for live performance in large ensemble formats and sound installation.


Seoul, South Korea - Seendosi
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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Playtime Festival
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Kwun Tong, Hong Kong - SAAL
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Taipei, Taiwan - Revolver
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Bangkok, Thailand- TBA
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Chicago, IL - Comfort Station
w/ Mike Weis & Scott Tuma
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Boston, MA - The Yard
w/ Byron Westbrook, Anne-F Jacques & Guidini Cortini, Sound Of the Mountain
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Boston, MA - Dorchester Art Project
w/ Simon, Paper Dolls, Ruby Luna

Boston, MA - Midway Cafe

Tokyo, Japan - HOME Shibuya

Osaka, Japan - Hardrain

Osaka, Japan - Hardrain

Sapporo, Japan - Sound Lab Mole - NO MAPS / Rock Diversity Festival

Sapporo, Japan - SOUNDCRUE

Lisbon, Portugal - Sabotage Club


Animal Hospital is a project created by Kevin Micka. Three albums have been produced under this name since its inception in 2004 and have been supported with extensive touring, sharing the stage with acts as diverse as The Jesus Lizard, Beirut, No Age, Os Mutantes, Codeine, and So Percussion.
Animal Hospital often consists of Kevin alone and is based on the idea of building a piece of music up from scratch into a fleshed out arrangement containing parts for many musicians. During performances Micka often operates a collection of custom made electronics, effects, mixing consoles and delay units–while patiently constructing a layered nest of phrases and patterns consisting of live drum beats, guitar chords, scrapes, chimes, and melodies.
Woven together, these sounds at times reference many familiar aspects of contemporary rock and pop music, but often veer towards meticulously crafted ambient movements, or full-on improvisation.
As of 2011, Micka has explored a new avenue for live performance of his music in a large ensemble format. Pieces ordinarily performed by Kevin alone are divided into their root parts, each of which are delegated to multiple musicians, each playing a part of the larger picture. The main step forward in this focus is the unique perspective the audience experiences as they are surrounded completely by the musicians. They are effectively enveloped by the sound of the many integral parts coming together as a community.
For over 25 years, Kevin has worked in the music world as a composer, conductor, performer, recording artist, engineer, repair technician, film scorer, and sound installation designer. Kevin has also been a member of Neptune, a longstanding collaboration of instrument builders.