Animal Hospital Ensemble

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November, 2017
Santiago, Chile
Matucana 100

June 2016
Thing in the Spring, Peterborough, NH

May 2016
Le Lab, Cambridge, MA

August 2014
DOT AIR - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

July 19 2013
Somerville, MA
Art Beat

December 31st 2013
First Night - New Year's Eve Boston, MA

December 31st 2012
First Night - New Year's Eve Boston, MA

August 4th 2012
The Firehouse in Worcester, MA

August 1st 2012
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA
w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman

December 4th 2011 at MassArt's Pozen Center w/ Beautiful Weekend
Boston, MA

December 3rd 2011
Machines with Magnets w/ Big Digits
Pawtucket, RI


After seven years of crafting vast, unforgettable works of aural experimentation by himself and an arsenal of looping hardware, Animal Hospital's Kevin Micka is announcing a repeat live performances of his music by an ensemble of seasoned local guitarists, string players, and drummers.

Audiences in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have experienced pieces from 2009's "Memory" album in full surround sound, with a platoon of musicians encircling the audience. The ensemble is a diverse collection of Boston area musicians from bands like garage popsters Hallelujah the Hills and microtonal droners Neptune.

"Early on in the process of recording 'Memory,' I'd hoped to perform the material like this," says Micka. He was first inspired by the idea after attending a performance of Rhys Chatham's "Guitar Trio" in 2007 at the ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn, NY, a former grain silo where Chatham's guitar orchestra performed circumscribed around the audience. After Micka completed his own recording, he fantasized about what it might sound like if, instead of recording and looping all the parts, to have a musician execute each element, each layer.

The thought of surrounding an audience with live sound further intensified when Micka performed in Rhys Chatham's 200-guitar orchestration of "A Crimson Grail", conducted at New York's Lincoln Center in 2009.

Over the course of three albums and years of touring, Micka has built acclaim in North America and Europe for his patient use of layered guitars, live-sampled drumming and lush, adventurous song structures. His music unfolds into shimmering waves or thunderous drones, and each song can morph from delicate chamber music to pounding walls of sound. Pitchfork wrote of Animal Hospital, "Often starting with a bare skeleton of a song, he adds skin and muscle until it becomes a full, dense soundscape, in a process that feels more like sculpture than songcraft."

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The Ensemble Members

Emily Arkin (violin/guitar) - Shepherdess
Frank Aveni (drums) - Geoglyphs
Bo Barringer (guitar) - Future Carnivores
Rachel Barringer (cello) - The Wrong Shapes
Adam Brilla (guitar) - Broken River Prophet
Anna Cimini (guitar) - Whitetail
Scott Craggs (guitar) - Old Colony Mastering
Ryan Lee Crosby (guitar)
David Michael Curry (viola) - Empty House Cooperative
Eric Dill (guitar) - Thunderhole
Noell Dorsey (voice) - Guillermo Sexo/Beautiful Weekend
Farhad Ebrahimi (guitar) - Summerduck
Jake Estner (guitar) - Don't Come
Mike Gintz (guitar) - Hex Map
Michael Hutcherson (drums) - Owlfood / Your Reflection
Ernie Kim (guitar) - Malibu Gaze / Magic People
Luke Kirkland (guitar) - Marconi / Intials B.R.
Seth Manchester (guitar) - Machines with Magnets
Sean McCarthy (guitar) - Helms
Steve Norton (Bariton Sax / Guitar) - Duck That
Rob Noyes (guitar) - Bloody Gears
Drew ODoherty (guitar)
Kristina Johnson Parish (guitar) - Roh Delikat / Ho-Ag
Matt Parish (guitar) - Ho-Ag
Mark Pearson (guitar) - Neptune
Jason Sanford (guitar) - Neptune
Thommy Saraceno (guitar) - Owl Food
Alec Tisdale (guitar) - Volcano Kings
Nicholas Giadone Ward (guitar/double bass) - Hallelujah The Hills


Past Members

David Bentley (cello) - Hallelujah The Hills
Jordyn Bonds (guitar) - Perma Fav
Kristen Drymala (cello/guitar) - Gem Club
Doug Harry (guitar) - Battlehouse
Clara Kebabian (violin)
John Kolodij (guitar) - High Aura'd / Spectral Rehab
Greg Moss(guitar) -Summerduck
Brendan Murray (guitar) - TAPS / Paper Summer
John Perotti (guitar) - Battlehouse / Malibu Gaze
Jonah Sacks (cello) - Empty House Collective / Steve Walther Orchestra
Joel Roston (guitar) - Beautiful Weekend
Craig Schecter (guitar)
Keith Souza (guitar) - Machines with Magnets
Jane Wang (double bass) - Mobius
Brendon Wood (guitar) - Devil Music / Debo Band